Waste & Recycling

Stern Construction is committed to reducing construction waste or demolition debris (C&D) in an effort to preserving our environment.

Responsibly managing waste on a construction jobsite is a vital component of sustainable building. Managing waste means minimizing the amount of C&D that leaves the jobsite for landfill disposal.

C&D waste disposal triggers a sequence of adverse effects that are not always apparent to building professionals. These include the loss of useful property, wasted materials and embodied energy, greenhouse gas generation, and environmental stressors associated with producing new materials instead of using existing materials. The number of C&D landfills is declining, which means fewer disposal options, greater hauling distances, and increased fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Capping, closing, and monitoring landfills, and cleaning up leaking or contaminated landfill sites drain public funds.

It is estimated that only 20% of C&D waste is being recycled, leaving enormous room for improvement. Stern Construction believes in protecting the environment.